I Heard a Story

by The Hacking

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released November 17, 2010

All songs written and recorded by Dustin Dustin Dustin in his bedroom.



all rights reserved


The Hacking Little Rock, Arkansas

The Hacking is an energetic diverse five piece percussion-heavy indie garage rock band with concentration on their harmonious vocals and technical style.

Dustin Dustin Dustin
Erickson Skinner
Justin Cole
David Richmond
D.J. Richardson
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Track Name: If You Must Know
As time passes by, looking back I forgot to tell the world
I could have saved great men by saying seven words
I chose to be alone, but I'll let them have their fun
I guess you want to know why I trust no one
no one.
Track Name: Forgive and Forget
A bloody sea we call the ocean
fills the crowd with false emotion.
A heartless bastard on his knees
prays to God to set him free.

And everything brings me home again
and every noise reminds me of your poise

A wrecked ship we call a blessing
a mother bird with babies nestling
a heart felt promise gets broken
upon the broken track we turn

And everything brings me home again
and every noise reminds of your poise

Soft splitting sides fill the air as I walk by
I'll try to forgive, I'll try to forget

Track Name: Make My Decisions
Woke up this morning with dirt between my teeth
don't know how it got there but it brought me to my knees

Cried to the sun, cried to the moon
cried to my mother but she was in another room
another day goes by, I still don't know your name
I'd like to introduce myself, I'm heart break, sin, and shame.

A lack of common sense leads me to your door
Bring back the one I missed when I fell upon the floor
I'll never see the future that I always dreamed
but I know you'll be there to put me on my feet

Woke up the other morning with dirt between my teeth
don't now how it got there but it brought me to my knees
I tried so hard to find a way to make life work
I could've tried harder but couldn't take the hurt

A lack of common sense shows me I am wrong
Bring back the one I missed when I slept right through the dawn
I'll never see the future that you envisioned
but I know you'll be there to make my decisions
Track Name: The 5th of July
"The 5th of July"

She walked into the room and said I cannot tell a lie
And I just stared and shook my head as people wandered by
I derailed her crooked train of thought with tears stuck in my throat

"I told you right from the start, that honesty's a joke
A never ending story of a man whose lost his way
A never ending journey to an unsuspected place
A never ending song that's stuck inside your head
A never ending life. It'll make you wish for death."

She looked away with nothing else to say
She started to nod but then shook it away
She looked me in the eyes, my knees began to shake

I knew what was to be said next, my heart began to break

"I'll try to put this lightly, don't want to let you down
I've never met a man who couldn't stand the sight of sound
who couldn't take the taste of touch and knew not when to lie
who wouldn't take a bribe.
You see, it's not as simple as your brain might make it seem
Cause I'm playing for myself and you're playing for a team
Sometimes the easy way, is the only the way to go."
Track Name: I Heard a Story
"I Heard a Story"
This lack of interest it's nothing new it's made its nest
It's here to stay a while, but that's okay, cause I'm not a child
My head's no longer filled with simple do's and don't's
my head's no longer filled with simple dreams and hopes

Do I cause greatness or disaster?
I'm betting on the latter
with all my chances shattered
my body torn and tattered

I guess that's to be expected, when your body is infected with the fear of infection. Yeah, I never know how to deal with the gap that silence has made. I never, but I bet you haven't either cause you're such a crowd pleaser. "Anything you need I'll be right there." I never know.

Oh I think it's funny when you wake up in the morning
and the world is upside down and the ground is all black clouds
now I sell myself cheap cause I love money more than me
that's soon to be forgotten when my body's dead and rotten
yeah, I ran away from home and ended up alone
guess that's to be expected when your body is infected

when your body is infected with fear of social situations,
anxiety, anticipation, confrontations, segregation,
an ever increasing lack of patience
Maybe society ain't right for me, I probably need psychiatry
you should probably stay away from me cause after all these years
only one thing is clear
I never know.
Track Name: Seven Spirits Spared Their Silence
"Seven Spirits Spared Their Silence"
I'll make a fool of myself
I'll make a fool out of you just for knowing my name
I drink to stay alive
and I can only breathe if high, sometimes my thoughts take over
I can't handle them sober

My brain wasn't made for this, it wasn't made at all
Quit looking for a designer, look at the design
It's obvious we evolved

You're the conversation starter, I'm the one that ran away
there was an ocean between us, we were three seats away
it has nothing to do with you, pretty gir
the ocean follows me and it's here to stay, it's here to stay

It's not that I don't want to talk to you it's that I don't know how
It's not that I don't want to be with you, I'm just with her right now
It's not that I don't want to talk to you, it's that I don't know how

I've never seen the sky so dark, I've never seen the clouds so low
I'm not feeding myself, I'm feeding a monster
I'm not eating myself, I'm feeding the monster

I grew up too fast, but I'm still a child
the only thing I kept is when I learned to hide
I thought you'd want to know
Everything I've said is only half way true
if somethings gonna change, my god, I hope it's you
I thought you'd want to know

If you're falling a part then I'm beyond repair
I knew it wouldn't help as if I even cared
Now that I'm addicted, you say you predicted
If that is a fact then I say objection
If you're a piece of work, then I'm dead in the dirt
I knew it wouldn't last so now I sit and laugh
"you had me by the cuff, so I said enough"
I hate to interrupt, but my time is up...
Track Name: The Story of Ray Noel
"The Story of Ray Noel"
driving down the street; I popped into a bar
drank til I couldn't see; stumbled to my car
got home that evening and wife had spilled the tea
so i started beating until she could hardly speak

son didn't fancy that so I put him in his place
now he's lying on his back; covering his face
wife took kid into another room
but i don't really give a shit cause I've been drunk since before noon

walked back to the bar drank and drank some more
when I finally got back it was nearly after four
got through the front door to find the house was empty
you'd've figured I'd've learned by now what happens when I have too many

but now I'm stuck here in a house that's not a home
so i crack open another beer and enjoy my time alone

so that's my story, I hope you heard it well
'cause I'm so lonely and I know I'll burn in hell
but that's the price you pay when you live the way i do
but no I'm not ashamed, even after what I've been through
Track Name: They Were There, a Few Miles Away, but the Last to Know
"They were there, a few miles away, but the last to know"
And now here I am, lost at sea 10,000 miles away
there's no more you and me, I never thought I'd see the day
If moving on means moving forward than that's just what we'll do
I'm sure. But I want you to know, I always wanted more, oh no

See I've lost my confidence in everything that's real
I can see and here and smell and taste but I never learned to feel
I think I'm shit, at best, but it's cause I feel ignored
I guess my message in a bottle didn't make it to your door
It said that I'd come home if promised you would stay
But if I heard nothing back; then I'd go along my way

Now, I thought I needed you, for me to be complete
and I thought I needed you, to put me on my feet
to make my decisions
But I don't need you to survive..
...in fact, I'm better off without you.